Adults Available

Koyote Kennels, at times, has a young adult or a middle-aged adult available for a forever home. These very special dogs that have been born and raised here as a part of my family.

Not only are my dogs my passion that I have raised with great love and care, they are so special in my heart that the homes I look for are with people who will understand their special needs. Some of them have been kennel dogs, and thus need someone who will love them as much as I do, as well as give them a better home than I can.

Many of my dogs will transition into their new home as if they have lived there their whole lives, but some will require extra patience, a gentle manner and more time to adjust.

I have many references from families that have adopted our Shibas and are so amazed how well trained, clean, quiet and good-tempered they are. On rare occasions that I feel it might be necessary to have my behaviorist and his expertise, help to ensure 100% success. It is a special gift to you to qualify for one of our beloved Shibas but in return, you are gifting me and my treasured dogs with a loving forever home.

I am only a phone call away to ensure your success with your new family member.

Semi-retired Foster Shibas

Here at Koyote Kennels rather than have a my shibas live in a kennel, I would prefer them to live in a forever home. For our pretty girls, once she receives her championship and has completed all health testing for hips, knees and eyes and are of age, we will have one or two litters with her. We would then be happy to semi retire her in a loving foster home. I would also love to have her in a happy home earlier, under the agreement that she produce four litters or less (ie, a one-year old would not have had any litters yet). It is a commitment between the forever family and myself which often also becomes a lifetime friendship.

Many breeding dogs will live in a kennel or even a crate or cage in a breeders home and will retire around the average age of eight depending on the breeder. I would like to see my very young females retire in a forever home at the age of two or three and to be able to come back here to have their last 2 or 3 litters depending on their age.
This is a scenario which works out very well for some people who can offer a forever loving warm and cozy home, instead of a kennel or a cage, but at the same time I'm still able to continue on with my lineage and goals as a long time breeder. There is also an opportunity to even have a pup from Mom in your forever home.

With a male shiba, the new foster owner has to be very knowledgeable with dogs in order to keep a semi retired intact male. Sometimes I like to retire them young as well and a family would keep them intact for a couple of years or whatever the individual circumstances require.

In the past, the successful foster home is a win win scenario, with my beloved dogs having a forever loving home and I will end up with new, forever, two legged friends for an added bonus. You already know how well cared for my dogs are, but you should also realize that my dogs have been trained, shown, socialized with dogs and strangers, well-handled and are outgoing and friendly. Some shibas that have come from other good kennels, have not had these same opportunities, and though they are not a rescue dog, still require special needs and need a more dedicated owner who will give them the kindness they need.

Unfortunately, as I'm so very attached to my dogs and love them with all my heart and soul I can only place them in Southern Alberta.

Only serious families, couples or singles should inquire. It is a big commitment but many feel it is worth it to be able to adopt a very young shiba and care them forever in their own loving home. The foster shiba, once spayed or neutered will be your forever shiba with the purebred papers transferred into your name. Please let me know if you have an interest in a semi retired, foster, forever shiba.

The Boys

The Girls