Getting Along with Others

Getting Along with Children

Shibas have a very stable temperament and usually get along with all members of the family. When raised with children, who are taught to respect pets, Shibas generally do very well with little people.

Never leave a young baby or toddler alone with any dog, regardless of the breed you choose. Puppies have razor sharp puppy teeth and go through a nipping phase - don't worry this stage will pass. Corrections and consistency will help to teach the puppy not to nip. Remember young children need supervision at all times and must never be left alone with a puppy or dog.

Getting Along with Other Dogs

Shiba pups usually make a great second family dog. It is best to introduce a puppy rather than an older dog. Having a male dog and a female dog is often recommended, although we have had families with same gender dogs who have done well done together.

A very old dog may not enjoy the antics of a young pup. An older Shiba may be territorial of another dog coming onto their property.

Getting Along with Cats

Shiba puppies generally get along well with cats. A young cat and Shiba pup may play, but an older less playful cat will just stay out of the puppy’s way. It may more difficult to introduce an older Shiba who is not socialized with cats, but I’ve always had very good luck. It helps if your cat wants to be friends too!

Again when introducing pets with other pets and pets with children supervision and obedience training are the keys to success.

It also helps if the resident pet has already had dog experience, especially with older cats. Know your pet and ask us about the best way to introduce your new family member.