Koyotes Kudos

#4 Shiba Inu in Canada 2004 - Vixen

Best Puppy in Show - Vixen

Top Show Dog Award - Vixen

Best Puppy in Show - Kricket

Kricket did a great job when she won Best Puppy in Show! We'll always be proud of her.

Top Show Dog Award

Congrats to Hoshi for placing Fifth for Dogs in Canada's Top Show Dog Award!

Best Puppy in Group - Kricket

Best Puppy in Show - Kitty

Best Puppy in Show - Kitty

We're so proud of Kitty for winning Best Puppy in Show!

Best Brace in Specialty - Kitty & Secret

Congrats to Kitty and Secret for winning Best Brace in Specialty!

Best Puppy in Canada's First National Specialty - Panda

Panda was happy to win Best Puppy in Specialty. Panda's breeder Tina King from Ohio was so very proud of Panda's prestigious win at our first Canadian National Specialty.

Best Brace Canada's First National Specialty - Panda & Bear

We're very proud of Panda and Bear for getting Best Brace.<BR><BR> I know their breeder Tina King from Ohio, pictured in the white, was overjoyed at their special win.

Kudos to Vixen

We are very proud of her show career. When she was just a puppy she won many group placements as well as puppy groups and two Best Puppy in Shows. She was the number one female Shiba in Canada in 2004. Everyone thinks she is just the cutest little thing and we agree wholeheartedly. Our beautiful girl has now gone over the Rainbow Bridge and we miss her so much.

Kudos to Hoshi

Hoshi is the pride and joy of our kennel as far as temperament, health and Nippo quality. In our first visit to the Beikoku Shiba Inu Aikokai in California he placed second in the male category. In 2010 this renowned Japanese Shiba show, Hoshi achieved the prestigious honor of winning Best in Show. The Japanese Nippo judges told me that Hoshi is very correct in standard and appearance. Although the standard is very important, even more so is the spirit, which should be faithful and loyal known as Kan-i, Ryosei and Sobuko. Hoshi has gone on to get his American Championship and also won Best of Breed at the Eukanuba weekend against the top American Shibas. During summer 2011, Hoshi flew to Paris (with me in tow) to the 100th anniversary of the World Dog Show. He did me proud when under a Japanese judge he won second in his class of 19 world Shiba male Champions.

Dogs in Canada Cover

We were proud to be featured on the cover of Dogs in Canada earlier this year. If you want to check out this great magazine, their website is at <a href"http://www.dogsincanada.com">DogsinCanada.com.</a>

Best Puppy in Group - Secret

We were so proud of our Secret when she got Best Puppy in Group. I think she looks proud too!

Best Puppy in Show - Kitty

It was a great moment when Kitty won Best Puppy in Show CKOC 50th Anniversary Show. <BR><BR> This was a very emotional moment for me as my nephew Justin whelped out Kitty and was one of his favourite shibas. He would have been so proud of his little Kitsune.