Although Suri's call name is Riki , when my friend Beth from California imported him into the United States, she ended up calling him Suri, after his Sire's call name.I guess Beth kinda liked the meaning of Suri, which means pick pocket, which I must admit is an adorable name.

If you could call a male dog adorable, that's how I would describe Suri, in looks, nature, and spirit. He is an exceptionally sweet boy and is gentle with all his human and canine companions. I feel very confident Suri would do well in a home with cats and respectful quiet children, teens and adults. Suri's soft gentle nature would be very compatible with a family with the same tempurement. As he is not the most confident dog, ideally I know he would be most comfortable if he went to a home where there is another dog to make his transition more successful. Ideally a female or a gentle neutered male would be good companions for Suri.

Suri was born at a beautiful blueberry farm in Japan with his breeder Nobi, also a kind, gentle spirit. Nobi is one of the most respected, long time exporters of Shibas, outside of Japan, and his Shibas are highly coveted internationally by top winning show/breeding kennels. When Suri was imported to the US by my friend Beth, he went to live in the beautiful rolling hills, high up what the Californians call mountains, a distance outside of Los Angeles. When I visited Beth and her breathtaking ranch I was so welcomed with her kindness and at the same time fell in love with sweet Suri.

Although Suri was destined to be a show dog, all of his masters lives were busy at the time and it wasn't meant to be. Because of this fact, Suri does not have a lot of training behind him, although he did go to a couple shows in Canada. He knows how to walk on a loose leash, stand pretty on a table and even show his As with many show dogs, he needs to be taught the sit, down and other commands . He loves his treats and is very eager to learn. It can be challenging to teach a grown dog new tricks, especially when one is taught not to do them in the first place! Because of my past experience with training and behaviour, I am more than willing to help you with this challenge. Suri has not lived in the city or ever went to obedience class, and due to this reason he will require extra patience and love to help him transition into his new forever home.

If you are willing to open your heart and your home to my beloved Suri, I would be more than happy to meet with you and discuss the possibility to see if you are the perfect match. Please note that Suri will only be fostered in the southern Alberta area within reasonable driving distance to the Calgary/Cochrane area. Suri is Nippo registered, which is extremely rare in Canada .As he is one out of only a handful of Nippo black and tans, he is still very valuable to my breeding program. He will go on a foster parent contract, and once he turns 10 to 11 years of age, his Canadian Kennel Club purebread papers will be transferred to you. Suri's damage deposit is 1000 dollars and my gift to you once he is neutered will be his special Nippo papers from Japan. My wish for Suri is not to be a kennel dog anymore,for him to be a forever house dog and that you will love this special boy as much as I do.

Born August 3, 2007

Registered Name: Kazakoshi No Kuroriki Go Yokohama Atsumi (Japan)

Sire: TBA

Dam: TBA