When Cougar was just a wee pup, she had the fluffy face, and attitude, of a cougar cub. Like a cougar, she'd raise her little paw and growl adorably. At times, she'd even rear right up with a fearsome double growl - which we couldn't help but love. I ended up teaching her to do this on command - which was a big mistake, as this cougar cub growl turning into an annoying bark. Shibas are not barky dogs, so please heed my advice and never teach your little cougar-Shiba to growl and bark.

Her initial little enduring growls is why we called her Koyotes Rocky Mountain Cougar and to this day she's still a most enduring cougar kitten in our hearts.

Registered Name: Koyotes Rocky Mountain Cougar

Sire: Ch Satika's Austin

Dam: Am Ch Morningstar's Emiko Couseisou