Kaibutsu was such a cute little pup I just couldn't help but love her from day one. She was so tiny and sweet that I named her Daisy after one of my favourite flowers. She grew up to be more of a Crazy Daisy so I ended up calling her Chibi Akai Kaibutsu - Little Red Monster - and we love her for it!

Kaibutsu is still very tiny but she makes up for her size with pure exuberance. She's a cute little sesame girl with thick little ears and a pretty tail. I love it when I pat my chest and she jumps into my arms and gives me kisses.

Forever loved

Registered Name: Koyotes Chibi Akai Kaibutsu

Sire: Kazakoshi No Koryuu Go Yokohama

Dam: Morningstar Emiko Chosei-sou