As opposed to what you might think, Samurai is a lover not a fighter. The reason I called him Samurai is because my friends Tanya and Phil called his sister Geisha-girl, so naturally I had to call him Samurai-boy. He is an adorable, stocky little guy with a spirited boldness, which a Nippo Shiba is prized for. We are also very proud of the fact that he was born here at Koyote Kennels and is from the first Nippo litter born in Canada. We are also proud of the fact that at the 24th annual Beikoku Shiba Inu Aikokai he placed second male next to the Best in Show winner, his nephew Hoshi. Samurai is a little ham with a carefree, outgoing and affectionate personality. His looks favour a square body, little ears, pretty eyes and a good tail. He captured the hearts of the Americans at the BSA show. He has captured my heart as well.

Registered Name: Koyotes Samurai Boy Koyhotesou

Sire: Copperdots Morningstar Royce

Dam: Morning star's Shelby Pink Cotillion