My Shiba breeder friend Sherri once again gave us a beautiful little red female puppy. An Inukshuk is a statue made out of rocks representing a human figure. This rock cairn is a point of navigation for Inuit peoples living in the high arctic. It also represents a welcoming home to family and special friends. For us, its a bit like she's coming home because her great great great grand-daddy is Black Dime, the sire to Huckleberry, Koyote Kennel's most senior and beloved foundation male. The Inukshuk is also the symbol for the 2010 Winter Olympics held in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. We think this is a cool coincidence that she was named Inuk the same year Canada hosted the winter Olympics.

She is a gentle, sweet girl who is affectionate and loves her pets. Like an Inukshuk, she is friends with everyone at Koyote Kennels, two-legged and four-legged alike. Her face is very feminine with beautiful shaped eyes and the small thick ears I love so much. Thanks again Sherri for this special little girl!

Inuk is an amazing sweet little girl. If you know anything of dog behaviour, she is a low-ranking shiba, which is a good thing. Inuk would be happy with almost any type of family, although ideally I would like her to go to a home with another dog as she has always had an extended dog family. Inuk would also do really well if she went to a home with one of her puppies. In this case, Inuk could do very well with a family with small children, especially if those children are quiet and gentle with her.

Inuk can be a little on the shy side, and thus may require a bit of extra love, but she adores her walks and is a sucker for attention. Inukshuk was born on August 9th, 2009.

Inukshuk is forever loved by Judy and John.

Registered Name: Satika's Inukshuk at Koyotes

Sire: Murdoch

Dam: CH Satika's Toil and Trouble (Wikka)