Austin was a gift to us from our dear friend Sherri at Satika Kennels and represents that long-term special friendship. He especially enjoys getting his backrubs and rewards us with many small kisses. Austin is our co-chief of security along with Majic. He is one of the first to alert us to new guests arriving and enjoys cruising our property and looking out beyond the fence line. His body type is nice and square with a very plush undercoat.

Austin has big cheeks, small thick ears, amazing almond shaped eyes, and the overall appearance is that his face is adorable. He has a short bear-like muzzle, and the Japanese would call this a Raccoon-shaped head. His Grandfather, BOB, is from Japan, and he won both the Canadian and American Shiba Inu specialty in 2006.

Austin is forever loved by Diana and Gary.

Registered Name: CH Sunojo's Austin at Satika

Sire: Satika's Smokin' Joe

Dam: Ch. SunoJo's Serenity at Satika