Shelby has always been a real pleasure to have around Koyote Kennels. She is very easy-going and plays well with others in our pack. Shelby was named for the Julia Roberts character in the movie “Steel Magnolias”. She enjoys getting the area under her chin rubbed and scratched. She has very dark pigment in her eyes, nose and lips which is a desirable trait in the Shiba standard. She has a fox-like face and tail. She is curious about her surroundings and affectionate with her guardians and our visitors.

Forever loved, Raven and Dianna.

Registered Name: Morningstar Shelby Pink Cotillion

Sire: AM CH Akio Chousei Sou Morningstar (USA)

Dam: Kooskia-Chousei Tomoe Gozen Morningstar (USA)